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Engadine Museum
via dal Bagn 39
+41 (0) 81 833 43 33

Engadine Museum directions
Every place has history and traces of the past, you can learn about St. Moritz by exploring the museums that are situated at Badstrasse. The Engadine Museum has an archaeological display of varied items, on display you can find many decorative items and various fabrics, costumes and textiles of the yesteryears and glimpses of past civilizations.

The museum includes ancient artifacts that have traces of the older Neolithic and the Bronze Age periods, so take delight in learning about how St. Moritz looked during that time, Richard Campbell is the founder of this beautiful historical Engadine Museum, he spent much of his time collecting various items such as Engadine furniture and artifacts and then decided to build a whole house in the Engadine style and thus his idea took shape in the birth of the Museum.

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Engadine Museum

Engadine Museum

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