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Heidiís Flower trail
Heidiís Flower trail
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Heidiís Flower trail directions
As you spend your time with the snowcapped Alps, the clear blue lakes why not take time out to visit Heidi’s flower trail in St. Moritz, the trail is filled with many mountain flowers in its unique color, giving you some great views.

The flower trail has been laid out by the St. Moritz’s Council Department and further developed in co-operation with Schutz Seeds and Plants Company of Filisur, if you want to know the names of these little beautiful species just flick through the catalogue and search for the name that corresponds to the number that is associated with the flower.

The flowers can be identified as they are on display with a wooden marker bearing the numbers, so, enjoy the beautiful walk amidst lovely fragrance of some beautiful flowers at Heidi’s flower trail.

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Heidiís Flower trail

Heidiís Flower trail

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