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Events in St Moritz

St Moritz is one of the leading holiday resorts in Europe, and as such, this elegant and charming town amidst the Alpine mountains is a venue for many events in Switzerland.

Events in St Moritz

Music Concerts

St. Moritz is the best natural resort amidst the Alpines and attracts a large number of people from all around the world. There are innumerable concerts that are held in St. Moritz. This mountain resort offers its people a chamber music concerts. These concerts are classic symbiosis of classical music and make the place alive and vibrant by its rich melody and tone.

These concerts are mainly held during the summers and guests as well the music aficionados come to St. Moritz either to participate or to be a mere audience. The venue is different and many, for these kind of concerts. It can take place at the Kupark of St. Moritz, or at the Tais-World in Pontresina or it could be the village plaza of Sils or Samaden amidst the beautiful landscapes. The music concert is generally held between the months of July and September every year.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you choose to spend your vacation by indulging yourself to a varied range of sports and its allied activities, then be at St. Moritz and enjoy the multitude of sports that the place has in store. It is one of the most beautiful mountain resorts with its charming weather and intensive sunshine throughout the year. The summer season of St. Moritz is always filled with several events and are all organized by the large hotels, the nearby villages and other public institutions.   

The event of Clay Pigeon Shooting at St. Moritz takes place during the month of June and the sport involves a great deal of concentration, alacrity, dexterity as well precision. At the premises of the Olympic Ski jump one can check its shooting skills. The shooting stand is located a bit far off from St. Moritz in the wooded area. There is a trophy that is associated with the competition in the sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting called the 43rd International Golden Sun Trophy. 

Opera Show at St. Moritz

If you wish to know as to how to spend the summer evenings at St. Moritz apart from playing the various sports, then indulge in watching the beautiful opera shows that are held every year. You will be touched to see the magnificent performances in an extraordinary ambience.

St. Moritz buzzes with activity and the city swells with the presence of innumerable international artists waiting to perform in the grand opera shows. It is a major annual event for its people and the tourists who travel all the way only to be a part of this most beautiful event. So, be a part of this annual event and enjoy its lively performances.

Inline Skating Marathon

The Inline Skating event held in the last week of June is an annual event and people flock in to St. Moritz to take part in this top event of the season. This is a very popular event and attracts a lot of people from all around the world. 

It is the largest inline skating event and the most happening one. It stretches for 42 km. The marathon begins at Maloja and culminates at the S-Chanf. This marathon is quite a big one and it passes through some of the exotic scenic beauty of St. Moritz.

There are several other events take place before and after the marathon such as downhill skating and cross country skating along with various parties too. It is an annual summer event and meets with huge success all the year round.

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