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St Moritz is quite easily to travel around whether by car, train, bicycle or even on foot.

Travelling around St Moritz
Travelling Around St Moritz by Car.

St. Moritz is one of the most beautiful places on earth, situated at 6000 ft above sea level and offers it's tourists spectacular views and stunning landscapes, if you want to travel around St Moritz, hire a car and drive to Soglio in the Southwest of St. Moritz, just beyond the Maloja Pass.

Soglio lies in the Bregaglia valley, on the journey you will be amazed to see gorgeous mountains, the nice hamlet of Coltura, the most beautiful area would be passing the four lakes that are strung out like pearls, if you get hungry on your journey then there are plenty of places to stop off for lunch.

Travelling Around St Moritz by Train.

Why not treat yourself with a rail ride on the Bernina Express and enjoy the spectacular glacier views of the Alps, suggested time of travel would be July or August, you can take a comfortable seat and enjoy the wonder of nature, you can even view the Bernina Pass located at an altitude of 2500m from the source of Poschiavo valley.

Along the journey you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the lakes and views, the train has a couple of stops, one at Alp Grum and the other at P. Palu, one of the glaciers that can be seen is the Morteratsch glacier, im sure the beauty will leave a lasting impression.

Travelling Around St Moritz by Bicycle.

There are a few cycle routes that you will want to enjoy, take the Inn Cycle route, a traffic-free route to Passau, after arriving at St. Moritz, begin your journey to Zernez, as you pedal your way down the Engadine Valley the scenic beauty is simply breathtaking and the snowy peaks all around add to the charm and beauty of the place. The cycling route stretches for 22 miles along the route you will cycle through some lovely picturesque villages, then the route passes through the Lower Engadine, down the river course.

On the way you can see the imposing castle of Tarasp as you reach Scoul from Zernex, then you could take the route to Ried from Scoul, at a stretch of about 32 miles, the total cycling trail can last for 15 days before you actually reach Passau, but if you are going on a package tour, which is normallu more beneficial and comfortable, plus with better facilities and arrangements.

Travelling Around St Moritz by Hiking.

A popular place to go hiking is at Corvatsch which is located at an altitude of 3500m above sea level and offers ideal hiking trails, the Upper Engadine valley in fact provides innumerable hiking trails and im sure love the breathtaking views of the Alps.

Corvatsch has steep sides that tower over the Engadine valley and joins with the neighbouring area of Furtschellas, as you pass through the hiking trails, discover the beauty of the Alps in its most natural form.

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