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Sightseeing in St Moritz

There are countless sightseeing activities to enjoy during your holiday or short break to St Moritz in Switzerland.

We have listed some of the more popular ones below.

Sightseeing in St Moritz
Excursion on the snow.

St. Moritz is a winter holiday resort and as such it offers a great place and ideal climatic conditions for skiing. Apart from skiing one can enjoy the thrilling experience of sledding down an ice hill. The toboggan course known as the Skeleton Run was created in the year 1885 by the British tourists. The fall throws you out at 10 different corners and you simply enjoy the ride!.

To undertake this activity, you needs to play by the St. Moritz Tobogganing Club’s rules. You simply need to buy the membership and is then you can enjoy Tobogganing at your leisure.

Another experience or excursion on the natural ice is the bobsled run. The speed at which one falls from the icy incline is unimaginable and extremely thrilling.  

Hiking in the Swiss National Park.

The Swiss National Park is a beautiful, protected area of natural flora and fauna where the encrouchment of humans has not been allowed.

The park extends to 105 square miles in the South East corner of Switzerland. You can go into the park from St Moritz and enjoy a days hiking trip. There is no overnight permit for staying at the park - so you cannot do any camping.

There are marked paths inside the park and you can enjoy hiking along the wooded marked trails. Taking a walk through the National Park will help you to admire the beauty of the nature, with some guided tours being available to help you get the most from your visit. Mountain biking trails are also available.

Cross Country Skiing in the Engadine Valley.

Cross-country skiing is a great experience and an excursion on the snow leaves you thrilled and excited. The best course where you can enjoy the cross-country skiing is the valley of Upper Engadine.

The Engadine Ski marathon is the example of cross-country skiing and the event is an annual one that takes place in the month of March. One can begin it from Maloja, to the St. Moritz Lake, continuing further East, covering a distance of some 26 miles. The stretch is fairly straight with little ups and downs.  A professional will not take more than 1 hr 30 min to traverse this path but an amateur will take more time and enjoy the day long excursion.

Riding at St. Moritz.

St. Moritz is one of the most beautiful places and holiday destination on Earth and offers challenging sports to play and a spectacular view to admire the Alps. The resort of St. Moritz is surrounded by the Alps and is an ideal place for the many outdoor activities. 
Corviglia is the main mountain of St. Moritz and is a great playground for the riders. For advanced riders, the area known as Piz Nair has the ideal conditions.

The area of Tres Fluers has the long fluffy runs for many to enjoy. However, in both the places of Piz Nair and Tres Fluers one must be more careful as the area has records of few slippages. There is another place that is just 500 m to the west of Corviglia called Lach Tal. The place is known to be very windy and if the riders enjoy air over speed them it is the ideal one to visit.  

Trekking in the Alps at St. Moritz.

Trekking in the Alps from the land of beauty called St. Moritz in Switzerland is a wonderful experience. Trekking is quite a pastime and point-to-point excursion from St. Moritz only adds to the charm of holidaying in this beautiful resort of Switzerland.

There are marked paths everywhere and one can go on trekking while staying in the charming villages of this wonderful place. Trekking at the Alps is a pleasure and one enjoys the experience and carries back the moments captured in the reels of a camera.

There is good network of transportation system that helps the trekkers in the Alpine. The most ideal destination of trekking at Switzerland is the Jungfrau region. The trekkers enjoy every bit of the scenic beauty and cherish their accomplishments lifelong.

You can go on trekking from point to point on convenient trails that is not only safe but marked into different categories such as beginners and advanced trails. So, it is an enjoyment for all.

Enjoy Sunrise from a mountaintop.

St. Moritz popularly known as a land of sports and scenic beauty offers its tourists the ideal holiday destination. Want to experience the thrill of catching the sunrise in one of the Alpine ranges, then waste no time and go on hiking in Mount Rigi that is situated approximately at an altitude of 5800 m. Since the 19th century innumerable travelers have been trekking this place only to treat their eyes with the magnificent view of a sunrise on the Alpine ranges. There are few hotels nearby.

One can check-in the day before and then hike along the marked paths on to the summit. The time taken will not be more than 4-5 hours. The hiking path is not very tough but towards the end and near the summit it gets a bit steep.  

Water Sports at Lake Constance.

The land of St. Moritz is not only about hiking and trekking in the Alps and savoring the moments of beauty but also invites all to play some of the great water sports in the nearby places. The vast expanse of Lake Constance is great to watch as it stretches very far. This lake is fed by the river Rhine, and this lake serves as a border between Switzerland, Austria and Germany. 

This place is ideal for all kinds of water sport activities. Be it swimming, fishing or even rowing - the opportunity to enjoy in the water is far too many. One can also spend time by biking around the lake and enjoying its beauty. So you can also enjoy and have fun without getting wet in the waters of the Lake Constance, instead be on the shoreline and watch the sports and enjoy its beauty.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.

If you want to have a glimpse of the Swiss valley and would like to enjoy the thrill of balloon ride, make plans to travel from St. Moritz to the South west of Switzerland in Chateau d’Oex. 

This place is ideal for the hot air balloon ride. One can find dozens of various shapes of balloons floating in the sky of Switzerland. One can soar over the green pastures and view the tiny hamlets beneath and enjoy the ride. One soars high above the peaks that borders the valley and simply adds on to the extreme delight of living and enjoying the holiday.

So, waste no time and grab the opportunity to soar high above the land and enjoy the breathtaking views underneath. There are many places to go ballooning, but Chateau d’Oex is the ultimate place. It is a bit expensive one but is worth the ride. One will find oneself at eye level with the mountain peaks. That itself is a great earning.  

Enjoy 'Nordic' Walking.

The traditional walking style with poles is known as Nordic Walking. This new form of Scandinavian walking is quite simple and highly effective to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Nordic walking is very easy to learn and even a beginner can enjoy this sport while admiring the beauty of the nature.  

This walking helps one to enjoy the surrounding beauty, the magnificent and breathtaking view of the Alps and the snow all around. There exist various Nordic walking packages offered from the hotel at reasonable rates.

There are various kinds of training that is initially given to the beginners to learn the sport. With learning the proper technique and movement leisure Nordic walking is a major source of enjoyment. After learning all the nuances one can also go for some advanced tours on Nordic walking amidst the surrounding Alps. So, be at St. Moritz and pamper yourself viewing the scenic beauty of the area in a unique style. 

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